Seoul travelog
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Day 1We arrived at Incheon airport in Seoul in the evening, then took the express train to Seoul station and checked into our Airbnb. It took 40 minutes and cost about $8 per person. The train was super nice, with assigned seats and free wifi.Then we headed out to
Paris travelog
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Day 1Landed at CDG at 8am, took RER train to Paris, dropped off our bags at a "bag nanny" (our airbnb check-in was in the afternoon)Sat at a sidewalk cafe by the Seine river; ordered coffee and croissants and relaxedWalked along the Seine and across a few bridges, watching
A week in Cozumel
5 min read
Where we stayedWe stayed in a basic 1-bed apartment in the downtown area found on AirBnb for about $35/night. Hands down, the best thing about it was that it included two bikes (and locks). Biking was an awesome way to get around and was one of our favorite things
Building an IKEA KNOXHULT kitchenette for under $1000
7 min read
We built a mini kitchen in our basement! Our downstairs has a bedroom, bathroom, living room, and now a little kitchen, making it a great guest or rental space.First, the finished product:It's smaller, but I swear it's nicer than our real kitchen upstairs, haha. I'm ready to move
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Elopement photos
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Around home oct 4
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Pictures at the cabin